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A ventilated roof is defined as the particular system of insulation in which the layering of the roof is composed of:

• insulation material laid in the extrados of the bearing structure
• an airtight air chamber
• an air inlet and an air outlet
• an additional continuous support on which the roof covering is laid.

This system is currently the most advanced technology in the roofing insulation field and is therefore used primarily in the creation of mansard apartments and living space, where all its benefits are most clearly evident.
The system’s advantages are evident in both summer, when ventilation carries away the incoming heat for a greater sensation of wellbeing and winter, when ventilation eliminates the risks of internal condensation.
The AIRWAY system makes the creation of a ventilated roof remarkably easy, by permitting the insulation material, the ventilation chamber and the support for the roof covering to be laid in just one single operation.

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